What did you do to your Jeep 392 today?

Installed the Z-Automotive SGW Extension Cable for easier plug-in access for JScan with write back. Agree with others who have stated what a bitch it is to reach up under the dash to unplug the SGW connections and plug in the extension. Cut the hell out of my hand and a lot of false starts before finally got them done. Glad that’s a one-time only thing.
Working on my powder coating game while waiting on the 20a to finally ship..

A Tow Points Groove fairlead, and some Maximus rear tow loops in 392 bronze/gold.

Got the half-doors on this weekend and did a little fishing with the lady 🐟


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Simple manual hoist system for my low ceiling garage. I didn’t want to use any extra wood pieces so cut a small notch on the drywall and found the exact center of ceiling joist. Simple and strong.


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Longer and more frustrating then I was expecting.

A few words of advise/recommendations for the next installer…
  • DO NOT remove the high pressure line brackets. There is no room to install the cooler using those bracket holes like on a non 392.
  • When removing the low pressure line it must be cut into 3 sections and DO NOT attempt to remove the bracket bolts (waste of time and effort) but rather loosen bolts and slide grommets out of their brackets then tighten bolts back up to keep the holes sealed.
  • DO NOT plan on removing the gauge after setup… its impossible.
  • Install the gauge line onto the spacer PRIOR to installation onto the pump.
  • There are very few installation locations for the cooler other than where mine is installed (bolted to underside of winch plate) so if u dont have a plate be prepared to make/install something similar PRIOR to starting the install.
  • It took 2-1/4 turns from full out to hit 2k PSI and it required a long handle 5mm allen ball driver to reach from underneath which can be seen in pic #6.
I cant wait to hit the rocks. It now turns with a pinky on asphalt and last time I was out at 14PSI I couldn’t turn the tires without rolling which makes crawling extremely aggravating for even micro adjustments.
So I finally had a chance to put the apex booster, clayton coils, and metalcloak bump stops to task.

I put nearly 300 offroad miles on the setup in Southern Utah last week. Went to sand hollow, coral pink sand dunes, and a ton of smaller trails that were rated from 4-6 with plenty of sand, rock, boulders, step up and step down ledges, whoops, water crossings, and as high speed as she could handle.

Now the results… for ~$1,000 in interim upgrades they, in my personal opinion, were worth every penny and gave me the results I was looking for. I only had one instance where the booster didnt help but I was nose down in a tight right wedged at 14psi. The coils and bumps have completely eliminated the bottom outs above 10mph. Still have to watch speed on certain terrain BUT even if it does bottom out its no longer a harsh/abrupt/back breaking event.
Dropped the Jeep off today to have the new AWE soundtrack installed, and to have some other less exciting things done such as bending in the rear pinch seam to keep the rear tires from rubbing at full flex. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow morning!
You're going to love that exhaust!