UAW Strike Imminent and Will Most Likey Effect Jeep Plant

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I didn't name call. What are you talking about? I literally stated what Babylon Bee is. It's a satire page and shouldn't be taken seriously at all. I was asking if you knew that, but you calling it prophetic shows you take it seriously.

Sure, companies have been looking to replace employees with robots for 40 years. That's nothing new based on this strike. The "Mexican" part was just racist bait. There's no other way to spin that.

Pretty funny you're saying I'm fragile when you melted down from me calling a satire site satire. It's just a fact.

lol at asking for me to be banned. For what? Having a different opinion? Fragile much? Just use the ignore feature if you can't handle conversation with differing opinions.

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For continuing to make everything about politics over, and over, and over, while pretending you're not doing that.

Nobody is upset that you called BB "Satire". Also, did you not just agree that what the BB posted is actually accurate and not really "satire"?

You can cut he innocent act, you did call me a "Facebook boomer", and just now a "racist", and made similar or worse insinuations previously. Any of which would get you a "bunch of fives" in person anywhere around here. I've called you out. I'm asking you to just stop the off topic BS dropping your stinky ideology in ever dang thread you can.

And every time you post some political BS, I'm going to be here to call you on it until one, or both of us are banned, because I'm tired of ignoring your continued insults and insinuations, because someone dared to disagree with you.

So just stop, please. But I know you cannot, your personality compels you to continue. It's sad, and annoying, but mostly just annoying. I've dealt with your ilk before. Good luck.
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