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Mar 27, 2022
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Hello guys
Need some advice
Order my jeep 392 2022 back in Jan
Of corse in jun got transferred from 22-23
Got a call from the dealer Nyle, Maxwell, Austin your jeep price up $5000 of course I had nothing to say not sure what to do ?
I received a letter in July that my price protected from Jeep wave and I end up calling the dealer end up calling the dealership and I made a big fuss about it and then the confirming after fighting back-and-forth for two weeks. I shouldn’t worry about it I’m a price protected and I have all the texting from the sales guy he confirmed with The manager his name Chris I think.
So I was relaxed 😎
My jeep almost here I called finance to prepare my financing and he told me your prices up It never was protected, and I end up calling back. I spoke to The manager they all act they never talk to me and I’m not sure what games are trying to play with me. I end up calling the GM. No one is calling me and they said they have to talk to a Chrysler rip any advice in this trick they’re trying to do for me? They’re very tricky and they made me very disappointed why we have to go back to square one and the crazy part is I have record that I shouldn’t worry I’m price protected.
Please advise
Thank u
Same thing happened to me. Ordered my 392 in DEC 2021 and it came in Aug 2022 with the same 5000 increase. They honored the original price but make sure you pick it up right away. I had 48 hrs to get it or the price protection was gone. Not sure how true that part was but I drove it home the day after it came in 😎. Do you have the original P&S agreement? Might need that depending on the Dealership. My dealer was great and didn’t fight me on anything.


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Apr 25, 2022
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STLA price protection is only available to the ordering dealer if the original buyer listed on the POC completes the order within 14 days of the vehicle being delivered to the dealer.

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