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Nov 11, 2022
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Prior to retirement, when I wasn't on a fixed income, I had a couple of bikes and a fun car. During Northeast winters I kept them hooked up to C-Tek charger/conditioners. Had an extension wire the company provided that hooked up to the battery terminals and allowed a quick disconnect...no need to mess with the alligator clamps for a weekend only vehicle.

They worked flawlessly and condition the battery by varying the charge. In 15 years, using 4 of them, never "boiled" a battery or had any issues. Great on bikes with sensitive electronics too.

They are a bit more expensive than the average trickle charger but for a ride you care about they have solid electionics and fail safe features...I considered them an investment. A number of high end European exotics come with them mounted onboard (they are waterproof).

There are a number of varieties so if you are doing different sized batteries you might want one that adjusts (for marine, car/truck, ATV, motorcycle, etc).



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Jul 9, 2022
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Battery chargers 🤬
I have three two bank Noco chargers running right now, one on my 2020 F350 and one on my 2005 GMC 3500 that have been parked for close to five months but spend the winter outside. The third is on my 2013 John Deere 624k with a 24 volt system, the loader sits out in the cold and needs to be ready for any emergency. My winter truck is a 2008 Nissan Titan that gets plugged in every night from the first night below freezing to the last night below freezing mostly because it carries a 100 gallon diesel fuel tank and the transfer pump takes a huge toll on my battery and if it sits for a day below -0 it’s dead.
This was the first winter with the 392 and after only three weeks of being parked in cold weather it was flat dead and non responsive to my booster pack. It took boosting the Jeep with my F350 and piggybacking a second battery just to get it in my garage. I warmed the battery overnight before recharging it the following day. It sat in the garage (heated) untouched for 5 weeks and was dead again. After recharging it again I disconnected the battery and it is still fully charged, tested twice since being disconnected.
I’m so over winter 🥶

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