WTB: Billet Silver


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Jul 30, 2021
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Hello everyone!!

I am trying to either order new or find an available 392 in Billet Silver. In checking with my local dealer in Reno it looks like they can no longer order Billing Silver?!? Does anyone know why that would be the case?

Otherwise it seems like there’s a lot of confusion over production right now and whether Jeep will continue building these vehicles beyond current allocations. I cant tell if it’s just due to lack of information or rumors. But that would be very unfortunate.

My ideal build would be Billet Silver with the sky top!

Thanks very much for any advice and congratulations to all of the new 392 owners!

I tried to order billet silver with a sky top for over a month. Seems like the move to requiring the XR package coincided with the deletion of the billet silver option. I ultimately gave up and went with white.
Billet was canned months back, I saw a nice no mile one on the dealer to dealer site, want me to try to find it for you?
other one was gone but there is a 2400 mile one with regular hard top. you can get the full auto soft top the company in Georgia sells and almost get what you want.

its in Bama