Why we love our port-injected HEMIs…

I learn something new everyday about this dragon that now lives in my garage. Thanks Yukon for finding that article!
I like the fact that the 392 does not have some of the efficiency features like the direct injection and auto start stop. I wish it didn't have the MDS (or would be OK if you could permanently turn it off in uconnect). The 4cyl does not activate enough in my normal driving to improve fuel economy, but it can be annoying sometimes when it kicks in and starts sounding like a 4 cylinder going down main street.....

I bet they did it just to improve EPA fuel economy numbers as it probably runs in 4cyl a lot during an EPA fuel economy test. Serves no useful purpose in my book other than to help tested fuel economy and CAFE...

Other than the 4cyl, the 392 is just about as old school and ridiculous as you can find today. I often wonder why on earth would they make a thing like this......I love it :). Shout out again to the engineers for this one final middle finger to fuel economy and sensibility. Probably won't be a production vehicle this crazy made my a major auto manufacturer for a long time....unless they decide to just have one final hoorah in 2023 before the hemi's fade into the sunset. I sure hope they do. For now though, I enjoy the crazy beast ever time I drive it.
My bad @YukonCornelius . I saw your post and put it in my to-read list since I was busy when I saw it. I replied with that video I posted before reading the article. I didn't know the video was part of it. Haha.
Engine masters did an episode where they change the Cam on a 5.7. They get into a few things that are interesting. They talk about the VVT and dual runner intake. They talk about MDS. It is season 5 episode 26, if you watch motor trend.
All good @byhumba ! Glad you posted it directly! That guy has done a few really good videos. Seems like a pretty intelligent engineer that knows his stufff!