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Jul 15, 2021
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So sold my HC today. Got what I paid so cool! How I will miss her! Hopefully my 392 Rubicon comes fast! Anyway went to gym and came home and figured I'd have a few. Neighbor lady has an overnight nurse because she fosters 2 kids and she adopted a 3rd. Haven't seen the nurse in about 3 months. Looks to be in her 40's. So I got Seger on with a drink and she pulls up. She has this amazingly perfectly round belly. I say oh congratulations! She says why? Well Shit! You know the rest of the story. My Italian crazy explained to me in a very loud manner that "You don't say that shit to a woman". Lmao. I said well that would be in order if she was. Wrong! Wrong! Hope this Helps one of you! You'll soon see I'm unique!
Now see, if you had your 392… that would be the moment you drive up the biggest rock you can find, then climb under it.
Nah. See what happens when you try to be nice! Must be a woman thing!