What fire extinguisher in your 392? What is the best?


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Dec 2, 2021
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First, this is not 392 specific discussion. I've been doing research on fire extinguisher lately. In the past I just put a small household fire extinguisher in the trunk of my cars and luckily I never had to use one so far.
Funny that now I started doing research on the best fire extinguisher ever since I had the 392, I guess I'm trying to baby my 392 :)
I remember reading about this Element portable fire extinguisher mounted (https://www.jeep392.com/threads/fire-extinguisher-mount.374/), and that was the first time I learned about this product, very cool!

Today, as I came across this video while thinking about the pros and cons, this guy made some valid points.

I also learned that we should get Class B rated fire extinguisher for gas powered vehicles. And Halotron fire extinguisher is an excellent choice. They are expensive though and I don't know where to get recharged, as this guy in the video also noted.

H3R has some nice fire extinguishers designed for the cars, man they are expensive. https://www.h3rperformance.com/collections/auto-fire-extinguishers
I have the H3R 2.5lb black with a DV8 bracket but havnt mounted it yet. Several choices in my area to recharge. Fortunately I am not able to report on how well they work.
I support your element choice. I ordered them for my entire family last Christmas, however, no experience other than my research and available content. I hope they work as advertised, but I also tell my family to just get away from a burning vehicle unless it is to save a life and only if that is possible.
I don't have one in my PowerWagon and probably won't in my 392 but as mentioned the H3R Performance 2.5lb is the best choice IMO, I have one locked in a billet QR mount on my RZR roll cage.

I purchased two of the Elements, one I mounted to the rear rollbar in the jeep and one in the teardrop camper. Fingers crossed I never have to use them. But I do agree with the YouTuber's perspective on being intuitive and the benefit for that.
I went with both a traditional fire extinguisher attached to the roll bar in back and an Element fire extinguisher attached to the driver’s side Freedom roof panel. I also installed an Element in the glove box of my SUV.

Another thread on jlwrangler forum and testing different types of extinguishers.