Waiting for 2-Door Rubicon 392


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May 26, 2022
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The Rubicon 392 is a great vehicle.

It would be an outstanding vehicle if Jeep also offered it as a 2-door version.

There would be zero hesitation on my part to order that vehicle once Jeep permits that configuration.

Also, IMO Jeep should offer special colors for each model year, one year only, then new special colors on following years.
It’s not going to happen, but I agree would be epic. The 392 likely won’t make it past 2023. The good news is that if you really want one, plenty of companies offer that swap. America’s Most Wanted 4x4 and Rubitrux ring an immediate bell.
I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a 2-door 392 for a couple of reasons:
1) I read 4-door Jeeps outsell 2-door Jeeps about 4 to 1 -- simple business economics.
2) 4-door Jeeps are safer to drive due to the longer wheel base -- Safety/Liability.
- This is probably why 392’s don’t come with transmissions that can be placed in 2-wheel drive mode.
Jeep wants Wrangler owners to live long and buy more Jeeps and at the same time they are looking out for their bottom line and their reputation.
Just my thoughts....
Agree that we might not see the 392 past 2023, but I wonder how much that depends on the Braptor reception and so forth. We already know that the base Braptor doesn't have the 392 beat, but if people end up buying them (and Ford can actually make them...they're worse than Jeeps for sure in terms of people waiting), then I wonder if the 392 may continue.