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Apr 22, 2022
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I've read the few wrap threads on the forum, but wanted to see if anyone has any more recent thoughts on it.

I originally ordered in Sarge, but I asked my dealer if they could switch it to Sting Gray with the idea that I wanted a more neutral color inside, under hood, etc so it might be easier to wrap without treating every exposed paint surface. Plus, I was between Sarge and Sting even without the idea of wrapping. My dealer said they passed it on to the rep and to check back to see if the color swap goes through.

Anyway, I'm just beginning to think about it, but leaning toward a light frost blue look like the following pic (if I do it). I would get it set up, pick up the jeep at the dealer, and drive it over to the place that would do the wrap. Any thoughts or things I should know? Anyone with experience of wrap vs ceramic coat, which may be better, etc?

I'd be garaging it when I'm not driving it. Would sit outside at work sometimes though. I would hope to get a good 7 years if not more out of a wrap ideally.
PPF only makes sense to me if you're looking for matte look without changing the color. Kinda like 20th Rubicon Anniversary they've shown in Moab this year. When changing a color you'll still have door openings, roll cage, etc in original paint, and that won't look good, at least in most cases. Full PPF as a paint protection is a waste of money, actually big money as Wrangler is one of the hardest vehicles to wrap. It's not like a tesla or some other refrigerator. And you will still get rock chips and it will look crappy, unless you wanna replace the film once or twice a year. To me it only makes sense to put clear PPF in hot spots like hinges, fender flares etc. When it comes to ceramic coating it's well worth it as it protects your paint against UV raise, industrial fallout, makes maintenance washes much easier, helps to keep your Jeep paint clean for longer, and provides some nice glossy look.
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In terms of PPF, that's part of why I switched from Sarge to Sting gray since the gray somewhat blends with the interior. I thought of covering most of the roll bars with a cover. I saw a few out there made out of various materials. I figured the gray wouldn't look as bad in the door openings, etc. I was also thinking of trying to do some sort of not over the top graphic in the wrap that would be that same gray color to hopefully pull it all together.

Thanks a bunch for the input. In the end, I may just do the ceramic coating. I'll have to think more about the PPF, but I have plenty of time to think until delivery.
Just a point of clarification that ceramic coating will not change the appearance of your vehicle. It is invisible to the eye, so comparing a colored vinyl wrap or satin PPF to ceramic coating is comparing apples and oranges.

Scarab’s callout on Jeeps being difficult to wrap is correct, however I respectfully disagree with the comment about PPF not being a good paint protection. I have a full PPF wrap my on 2020 (delivered end of 2019) and it still looks great; no need to replace any pieces yet. Mild off-roading, and I’m at 13k miles but YMMV. There are some narrow trails with thick underbrush around me, so really appreciate the protection from pinstripes.

I also have ceramic coating and it does help with keeping the Jeep clean and shedding water quickly (I have a black car in the sunshine state, so water spots are a thing).

Both are not cheap but we’re also talking about $90K Jeeps so the baseline is already a bit silly 🤪
Here’s my two cents since I was considering these options.

Ceramic coating: the key is the paint correction after clay bar cleaning. Applying the coating can be done in couple of hours. I’ve watched many YouTube videos and am confident to do it by myself. However, I don’t see the real need after I used the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions ceramic spray. The hydrophobic property is great and it smells good too. I apply it after each car wash. The actual ceramic coating also requires annual top coat to keep it shine.

PPF: I believe the protection it offers, but can’t justify the high dollar cost.

Wrap: after looking at the end results of many different cars/SUVs, they look cool at first glance, then quickly loose the attraction to me. I still prefer the look and feel of the paint.

They all require you to leave the rig in the shop for couple days (ceramic coating) or a week (PPF) if getting done by professionals. And I didn’t want to do it during the honeymoon period with my 392.

I’ve already had some scratches at door sills and roof top (thanks to the height clearance bar in one local hospital, it’s only 6’ tall and touched the roof a few times when I entered), I’m less sensitive to the imperfections now.
I worry about the look of the wrap too. I’ll definitely have to try to find something to look at in person first.
I’ve already had some scratches at door sills and roof top (thanks to the height clearance bar in one local hospital, it’s only 6’ tall and touched the roof a few times when I entered), I’m less sensitive to the imperfections now.
Did you remove the stock radio antenna for a shorty?
Did you remove the stock radio antenna for a shorty?
I thought about that but I don’t see the need. I listen radios all the time when I drive. And I like to see that long skinny antenna shaking his head every time I hit the gas :D
The other thing about wraps is you don`t have to do the entire vehicle if you go with a clear and partial kits are available.
I have my Raptor done with XPEL PPF and there are different thickness`s available. I have a warranty that as long as I bring it back for an inspection every year they will replace any damaged area but that has its limits to "Damage"
Here is the link to the pre cut kits you can do on your own
Some Raptor friends have had their trucks paint correction, full clear wrap and ceramic coating, average cost was usually over $7k on up