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Track Bar/SS Setup?


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Aug 19, 2023
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Broomfield, Colorado
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‘21 Jeep JL 392
Well, my 392 is developing death wobble. Right now it only happens 60+MPH when you hit bumps. Suspension is all stock as are the wheels. Rather than having the factory throw a steering stabilizer at it, I'm looking to fix it right. I've already gotten my wheels balanced (all 4 were out of balance). I figured track bar is the next step. I'm hearing mixed reviews on Steer Smarts Yeti XD, some love it, others say it's junk. My concern is the amount of room it takes up. Synergy is another in the running. MetalCloak is also in there, had them on my last Jeep with zero issues.

While I'm upgrading, I figured I might as well do the steering stabilizer. It's ridiculously priced, but am looking at the Fox ATS, for the adjustability. I believe I would also want a relocation bracket to move it above tie rod.

What's working/not working on these 392s?

I'll eventually do the tie rod and draglink, but want to focus on the track bar and ss for now.
My Jeep is running a Clayton 2.5” Overland+ lift - which includes adjustable track bars front and rear. The kit also includes new coils, upper control arms, and lower control arms.

Also included with the lift from Clayton was the RockJock CurrectLink system - drag link and tie rod.

All of this has been installed since the Jeep was nearly new - I installed it at maybe about 500 miles on the odometer.

I also have the Teraflex Falcon SS, relocated above the tie rod.

I’ve got about 6k miles on this set up with 37s (Ridge Grapplers) and the 392 has been very well mannered on the road. No issues at all.

I also have the Rusty’s Offroad upper track bar brace installed. Steering feels very tight and responsive with this combination.