TopLift Pro in action


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Jul 29, 2021
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Seguin, TX
Howdy all,

Purchased the TopLift Pro since I am a one man show at my house and didn't want to fight and/or damage the top on my new 392. Took about a month for it to arrive, had to communicate with the company when it was about to ship since I was going on vacation and didn't want boxes to show up and be left unattended while I was gone. They were very responsive which was greatly appreciated and got me sorted. Put this beast together last weekend, took about four hours with me taking my time and having no workspace thanks to Mother Nature raining on my parade. Wound up putting it together with minimal space in the garage behind the vehicle. Made one mistake with the base that set me back and fought a little with the brake assembly partly because I'm an idiot but all in all not bad. Had the videos and the online manual pulled up every step of the way.

Took the top off the 392 today for the first time. I'm confident this is going to be a winner at my house, although it was a little awkward first time around. I'm guessing like anything in life practice makes perfect. With my old CJ8 I enlisted my wife to help take the hard top off, not fun. She totally doesn't lift bro. TopLift Pro solved that problem, 100% solo job. Mission accomplished.




Thanks for this review. I've been on the fence about getting one.
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She totally doesn't lift bro
Any distant family tree from Pennsylvania that also relocated to Texas? There’s gotta be a relation! :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:

Same here… last time my wife assisted, the rear quarter took a nice scar at only 3 weeks old. She hasn’t assisted since!

Thanks for sharing! Appreciate the pics and info!
Why did you choose the TopLift over the Lange? Thanks!
YouTube video of Toplift and see how easy to use. No cables or straps. Only disadvantage is my 392 with 35’s is to tall to park front bumper under the lift as shown in few videos and photos online
Did you raise the legs on the Top Lift Pro? They are height adjustable.
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I like this design, but concerned one little pebble send the top heavy to the floor. Been using my hoist in the garage which has its own challenges. But is the devil I know.
love my toplift... its way sturdier than it looks... would take a serious hit to knock the top down and the ability to wheel the top around has actually come in handy. Nice to not have to reposition the jeep for pulling top on and off and its truly as easy as it looks on the video.