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Jul 2, 2021
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Ok... Im going up to 35s on stock rims...
Need exact tire & size recommendations....
I love KO2s... Looked at KM3's....
But what tire will fit the rims best width wise?
(I did 37s a couple jeeps ago and its just too much height for me on the 392).
Thanks loves!
a 35x11.5 fits on a 7.5 wide rim

Toyo Open Country A/T III
35X11.50R17LT part number is 355920

I run the same tire in a 35x12.5 on my 392 and ran it on my last two Gladiators

I had BF KO2 on last pick up truck and would not buy another set, not to mention they are not even a good looking tire. If you research you will find that a lot of people would not buy again but they will always buy another set of Toyo.

I had one that was bad from the get go, 50+ lbs of road force.

Guy at local shop that mounts for me say all the Toyo I have brought have super low road force but a lot of places dont have a machine sophisticated enough to measure it

My brother asked me what tire to put on his 392 as I have been modifying Jeeps for 35 years and I said Toyo, he researched starting last Nov and he asked me about this one and that one and drove me nuts.

His 392 came in last week and I asked him what tire he decided as he was not allowed to bring up the word tire anymore or I was going to strangle him. He said the Toyo and he said he wasted 6 months of his life and the reason he asked me originally was due to the 35yrs and he should have just listened and wish he had that 100 hours of research and wasted time talking to people back for something productive.

And the reason so many people LOVE the BF's is because they are OEM and pushed by so many people due to OEM status that they get used to drinking the cool aid.

Simple tire has them in stock, I have bought three sets of tires from them during covid and had perfect results.

Careful not to buy the A/T II, this is the new improved III and a lot of people are blowing out the II's.

If you like the KO2 then you will think you died and went to heaven with the Toyo, KM3 is a mud tire, if you want mud then different story, then I would go Mickey, my other favorite tire if I am looking for an on/off road tire but 392's are probably mall crawlers.

Mud tires turn to cement after 5-10k and get very loud. Toyo is the perfect tire for looks and performance. You can keep all the BF's, yes much improved but still not in the same arena as a Toyo or Mickey.

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