The days of Stellantis owned V8's numbered?


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Jul 13, 2021
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It's the subtitle that caught my eye:

The days of the V8 are also numbered

I am one of those who just can't support NO internal combustion vehicles at all. Lithium, Cadmium, Copper, Nickle - all MUCH MORE "limited resource" than oil but no-one wants to talk about that in the media or politics (and this isn't intended to get political) I read the Steallantis announcement and the following came to mind for ICE vehicles:
If any of you out there are my age, you'll remember the reference below:

This is what I've been hearing. They are moving to try and produce similar output with hybrid/full electric vehicles. The SRT guys phased into different zones throughout Stellantis. The Trackhawk isn't coming back, the Durango Hellcat was a one year run, there's even questions about whether or not they were thinking about scraping Dodge all together at one point.
At 1st. I was kind of in the middle here. I mean we all know how fast a Tesla is so with their 2024 1st muscle car speech you know they better bring it! Too many diehard Moparians to disappoint. So I'm thinking it will be fast! Then I get in my HC and the rumble, popping, and whine of the Supercharger to me is a must in a Muscle Car. So it looks like this 392 will be something to hold on to.