Tazer Mini lost LINELOCK capability after Tazer update 11.3.4 (FIX)


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Jan 19, 2021
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Pressing and holding the LEFT cruise control arrow button in sync with pressing and holding the set cruise control + button and then pumping the brakes hard twice engages LineLock = Front wheels lock up and hold via the power brakes & the 392 engages rear wheel drive [with no braking power applied to the rear brakes] = Massive burnout. Releasing the cruise buttons and 4 Auto is restored.

After a recent update to my Tazer I notice I could no longer LineLock as detailed above. Rather, all 4 wheels locked up. I could still feel that the rear tires wanted to break loose but it took much more power as I'd have to horsepower thru the rear brakes. This made for a very jumpy burnout attempt. I knew something was wrong so I spent last Saturday trying to figure out what went wrong. Well really I never figured that out, but I did get it fixed. In case you run into this problem this is what fixed my issue.

I went into the Tazer's live setting and turned on the Force Rear Wheel Drive (Force RWD) function [and the 4 Auto indicator dash light went off, with all the other drive status indicating lights]. I then drove the Jeep up & down my driveway a couple times to ensure the Force RWD was engaged, and it was, only the rear tires provided power. I then disengaged the Force RWD on the Tazer and the 4 Auto dash indicator light came back on, displaying such on the dash. I then attempted a LineLock and it worked like a charm.

Not sure what the issue was. I just know LineLock did not work until after I engaged the Force RWD just once and then disengaging that feature.

Hope this helps somebody.


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