SuperBowl Clean up 392

weather finally decent and decided to shine up the Stinger.
I love my granite 392 but sting gray looks so damn good also. If my 392 wasn’t my daily I would have gotten sting gray. Nice clean up
Funny I wanted granite when I was ordering my 392 but my local dealer had an allocation that was sting so I took it and now really like the color. Granite is still one of my favs for sure. Thanks
Same here. Ordered and received the granite but while waiting I started wishing I got the Sting Gray. Still love the Granite though.
I think I landed on granite because I originally wanted black but that’s too hard to keep clean (can’t beat it after a fresh wash)…and I had a granite hemi ram in 2007 and even when that thing was filthy it looked great!
Looks so darn good! Reaffirms my order color for me!
Thank You. On your sting gray, is the dirt just as visible like a black one would be?
Not at all which Is one reason I really like it. I’ve owned silver Jeeps in the past and always like the fact they hid dirt well and I’d say this gray is very similar.