Sunrider Fliptop Option


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May 20, 2022
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Does anybody know if you receive a 392 with this top option, does it replace the hard top panel or is it in addition to it?
I don't want to say for sure, but I would guess it is in addition to it. The reason I would think that is because if you go into a Sahara build where the hard top alone is an option, you can choose both the hard top AND the sunrider for hard top.

I have one ordered as well. If it’s like everything else, the top will come in your Jeep and need to be installed so you will have the hard top panels in place. They are easy to install and great to have. I have had them on 2 other Jeeps.
You still get the standard hardtop freedom panels, you just get the sunrider fliptop separate in a box. This is similar to ordering the half doors, where your jeep will come with full doors and the half doors will be in a box in the cargo area.
Instead of ordering it with the Jeep, I bought the twill one from Northridge4x4 with their 10% off coupon.