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SoCal day trip

Haven't done that trail, but the area is certainly gorgeous! I've done John Bull OHV in Big Bear and that was a ton of fun. Just the right amount of challenging if you wanna crawl some big rocks and probably not break anything, haha.

If my jeep arrives any time soon (maybe by mid-june, since I just hit D1 status!), I'd be amped to run some trails though, fellow so-cal friend!
New Jeeper here but I would also be interested! A summertime run would be cool. AllTrails has it as a difficult trail but I can't see it being too complicated.
As soon as my ride arrives I would also be interested. However, as a novice I would like to avoid anything to challenging that would damage the Jeep. Currently my 392XR Has been completed and is in Toledo Ohio waiting for a ride to the dealership in Iowa. Once it arrives, then the Jeep needs ride to California! So I suspect it will be sometime before I will actually be Jeeping.
Yeah, to be clear about John Bull, you wouldn't wanna run it if you don't wanna bump or scrape anything. There are plenty of other trails to hit and almost always there are bypasses to big obstacles.

Here's a decent walkthrough of the Miller/Lockwood trails! I think it's entirely reasonable that you wouldn't have to hurt anything on the jeep for this one.

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For some contrast, here's John Bull. Lots of bypasses but still, you'll probably drag a diff and/or a bumper somewhere. I did this one solo (wouldn't ever recommend this) with a winch and only had to use it once, haha.

I need some skid plate system before I do anything aside from mellow dirt road, looking for a great aluminum solution.
Every Saturday in San Clemente there is a great car show “Cars and Coffee” I have met up with a couple other 392 owners at this event, I’ll be there this Saturday if anyone is interested.