Skid plates and underhood heat


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Dec 19, 2021
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I hope this is the correct forum--if not feel free to move. I searched and I didn't see this discussed yet. I have been reading here and other places about significant underhood heat with the 392. I haven't read anything yet that has provided measured underhood temps between the 392, the 3.6, etc. My current JK (which is extensively modified and well out of warranty) is such that I no longer worry about mods and warranty on that vehicle. But with my (likely to be soon ordered) 392 I'd like to preserve the factory (and possibly extended) warranty.

I can see an engine/tranny skid system impacting air flow management and therefor underhood temps. I can easily see a dealer denying a warranty claim for almost anything underhood if there are skid plates present--and unlike ridiculous claims (e.g. We feel that your 37" tires caused your radio failure) there might be some truth to this. I know my current '15 JLUR (with a full skid system) gets hot in the summer going over western mountain passes (so normal temp about 200, it climbs above 250 and I have to slow down to around 40 mph or so). So this isn't really about warranty claims, but more about skid plates causing a problematic increase in underhood temps.

Any thoughts on this? I like the JL392XR package specific because it comes "pre-modded"--at least pre-modded enough for me in terms of tire size and lift height.
I have two 392’s, live in Colorado, and wheel almost every weekend. One of my 392’s is a dedicated crawler, fully armored, and my engine temps are fine.

Automakers do not warranty aftermarket parts… But they cannot simply deny potential warranty claims without direct cause (consumers are protected, by federal law)

For the XR, it would only be a good buy if you never see yourself moving up to 37’s, or bigger.