Sealed the cloth One-Touch Roof Today


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Oct 20, 2021
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I've had my Jeep since December and we get a lot of rain and intense sun here in south Florida, so I thought I'd treat the cloth one-touch top. I wanted something with UV protection and ease of application. After investigating several options, I settled on the Chemical Guys 2-step treatment. First clean, then seal. No scrubbing or complex application required. Just need the spray bottles, a garden hose, and blue painters tape. It was very simple. Here's the bottles, one a cleaner and one a sealer:

Seal 1.jpg

First thing I did was take Thor (my Jeep) out in the driveway and spray the cleaner on the cloth top. No scrubbing needed. When I say this cleaner is powerful, I mean it. Use eye and mouth protection when spraying this cleaner. It goes on like a spray, but it gets into the fibers and really cleans. If you have really stubborn spots, might need a little scrub with a rag. I didn't even need to do that. Again, this cleaner is very powerful. After I sprayed the cleaner on, I simply hosed it off really good and thoroughly. Make sure to get it all off and deluge the roof and any affected surface areas with plenty of water. So it was a really simple process- spray cleaner, rinse. Pat roof dry with a big microfiber towel. (Never drag a towel across this roof. Pat it dry.) Then let it dry completely overnight.

Next morning, making sure everything is completely dry, leave the Jeep in the garage and tape off around the edge of the roof with painters tape so you don't get the spray protectant on any rubber seals or paint. (you can see some towel lint on the roof here, I think my microfiber towel is shedding).

Seal 2.jpg

Next, after tape is applied, lightly spray one coat of the protectant on the roof from about a foot or so away. Wipe any excess off windows or paint. Wait a half hour or more, then spray a second coat. Again, wipe any off windows or paint. Take the tape off. That's it. You're done.

Here's the finished look (yea, a few little specs of towel dust got trapped but no biggie. If this happens to you with the towel lint, just lightly use a lint roller you can buy anywhere in the cleaning section of any store. I was too lazy for that LOL but it still turned out great!!):

Seal 3.jpg

I'm very happy with the ease of application and the way it turned out. No scrubbing required (don't underestimate the power of the cleaner, go lightly at first!!) Time will tell how long the protectant lasts, but hopefully I'll get at least 8-12 months out of it.
Whats the update. Worth doing? How long did it last?
Whats the update. Worth doing? How long did it last?

Last week I thought the roof was looking a bit dry. I thought the sealer was wearing thin. Rain wasn’t rolling off like I thought it should.
In order to test it, I took a full cup of water and poured it on the dry roof to see what it would do.
It rolled right off onto the garage floor. So yes, it’s still going strong.
I’ll continue to test it occasionally. When it wears out I’ll post.
Thanks for the overview and the update. I’ll definitely do something to mine before the winter just to help it out. This looks like an easy solution.
I can’t stress enough- go light on the cleaner. It not only cleans but somewhat strips off the old stuff too. Which is good. But use it sparingly and rinse it off with plenty of gushing water.