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Sep 8, 2021
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I can't find a review anywhere of the BajaRack (non-drill) rack.

Does anyone have any experience with this rack? I also like the Expedition One Mule (also fits all my needs), but at half the price the BajaRack would work for me. Just putting light stuff up top, maybe firewood and fuel on occasion. Would like to take it off for Winter. 200 pounds dynamic weight is fine, as I doubt I will exceed 100 pounds. I will be off-roading with this. I can't find anyone who has used this, no reviews anywhere, no pics other than the San Diego based company itself.

Looks decent enough for a rain-gutter mount system. Just to throw a couple bulky items (but not over 200lbs capacity) on top. Personally I've been trying to find something with a higher load rating (aka, having some internal structure, not rain-gutter mounted) that will still allow me to take the top off relatively easily.
I like it! Exactly the size and type I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I don't think it will work with the Sky One Touch roof that I have on my JL. For that matter, I think I'm SOL on any type of roof rack w/basket system for my Jeep. Looked at several (including Thule) and no luck.

Update - I spoke to to the folks at BajaRack and they confirmed that it was a bit too low for Jeeps with the Sky One Touch roof. Oh well...I'll keep lookin'.
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