Review of Misch 4X4 Big Boy Seat Bracket


Feb 18, 2022
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Even though this is not 392 specific content, as these brackets are made for the JL, I thought I would share my thoughts here.

I did not have to take the seats (I did driver and passenger) outs to do the install. I simply tilted and maneuvered them into the needed positions. I found that connecting the seats to the new rails and then to the Wrangler was way easier than the directions calling for connecting to Jeep then rails.

I’ve included pics on how intrusive these are on the rear seat space. I knew they would have that impact as I’ve installed a similar product before. I still need to work through the rear floor mat fit based on the impact.

For me, these are great. I previously had a 18 JL and with the seat all the way back,I still could not read the top line of info on the display between the gauges. Now with the further back position I can certainly see that. I am a little worried that the rails may have changed the angle of the seat bottom slightly (From slight decline toward back to level) which may impact comfort level. I’ve only had this a few days at this point so I will have to see how that goes. And of course with the fully back position available for the passenger, comfort levels for that seat will be greatly improved. At the expense of the rear seat.

So there’s some pros and cons of this item in case you are considering these.

Photos :
1) All the way forward
2) Impact on rear passenger floor space
3) All the way back


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