Question on JK versus JL Rubicon Steel Bumper


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Jul 13, 2021
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Wondering if anyone can answer before I start a Google search... Is the Rubi Steel Bumper (front) the same from the JK to JL?
I have a '16 with the steel bumper without the endcaps... I was going to purchase them but just never got around to it and then figured I will probably swap the 392 bumper with an AEV, so I could possibly just install the endcaps on the 2016 - but I can't check as the Jeep is with my daughter in Utah until summer...

I know they can be mounted on one another, just don't know if the endcaps between them are the same and can also be swapped....

Then again, I might not even have my 392 by then (then being summer when she returns from school...)
call Rubitrux and ask, I can assure you they will know the answer