Production numbers

I’d like to see total 21 & 22 production numbers by color and XR vs non XR. I tried the google machine and came up empty.
2022 Production numbers are starting to be posted by someone on the "Jeep Wrangler 392 Owners Group" Facebook page. I believe the 2021 numbers are in there somewhere also.
Look up Ratbert on JLWrangler forum. He has all that broken down.
I’ve seen this before, screenshot it since I have a 21.

But I know that Ratbert can pull these types of numbers if you ask him.
Not exactly answering the question, but if FCA kept ‘22 in line with ‘21 with about 3 percent being 392’s, then Ratbert is pretty much on with his posted number of just under 2800. I’d imagine the same color distribution percentage of standard Rubis, or very close - so if anyone is good with numbers and has the data handy (there are ‘21 breakdowns floating out there) you could probably get fairly accurate guesses..

From Jeep sold 99,498 Wranglers in 2022. (remember that it was only an 8 month run starting late (Dec) and ending early(Jun), with all supply issues thrown on top of that as well)
Jeep sold 204,609 Wranglers in 2021.
In 2020, Jeep sold 201,311 Wranglers