Possible odd noise?


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Oct 20, 2021
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I don’t have a recording but II’ll try my best to describe it. Just noticed this today, about 1,000 miles on the odometer, I have a 392 XR. When accelerating from a complete stop, I hear what sounds like a faint scraping noise coming from underneath the front. Like a brake pad is engaged a second too long or something. It sounds like a quick one second scratching of a textured plastic card with a piece of metal, like a scrape. But it only happens upon acceleration from a complete stop, it comes from the lower front, and it only lasts a second, like a quarter of a wheel rotation or something. Does not happen every time, does not happen when the steering wheel is turned, only when the wheel is straight. That‘s what makes me think it’s brake related. It doesn’t worry me enough to take it to a dealer yet, just wanted thoughts. It could be normal. A noisy spring or strut or motor mount as well. But it only happens accelerating from a dead stop, for a brief second, only when the steering wheel is straight. Hmmmmmmmmmm
Start by ruling out loose brake pads. Give them a wiggle and make sure the brake components are tight. Check brake fluid. Check the rotors for any defects. It shouldn't be giving you that grinding noise at all.
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Yes, I'll do that. Another weird thing is that it only happens when the engine/brakes are hot after driving a while. This morning when I drove it cold there was no noise. Just weird, and like I said it's not worrying enough to push me to the dealership yet. I will avoid that until I have to go.
Hmm. They expand as they heat up. If you don't find anything loose or visible scrapes on the rotors, the pads may just need some more break-in. This happens on its own with driving time.

There is a way to accelerate a break-in of brake pads, but it depends on type of pads and other factors: do a few hard stops (safely, in a clear open road). Let them cool for about 15 min, and do it again. Two to three times will do it.
You may just have a cracked brake pad. Have you pulled the wheel off to inspect.
or, just get a look at it by the dealer. Likely covered under warranty.