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📷 JOTM Phil921 🏆 May 2024 Jeep 392 of the Month Winner

Jeep of the Month

May '24 brought forth a remarkable gathering of seven exceptional Jeep 392s, each vying for the esteemed title of Jeep of the Month. With a total of 39 votes cast, the competition was fierce, and the participants' stunning photographs showcased the true essence of these remarkable vehicles. In a closely contested battle, one Jeep 392 emerged as the undisputed champion, capturing an impressive 38% of the votes. Join us in extending a big round of applause to @Phil921 for a well-deserved victory! 🏆

Don’t miss out on the other impressive Jeep 392s entered in this contest. You can view them all here:

A big thanks to everyone who participated, either by entering a photo or by voting.

Stay tuned, the next contest will be kicking off the first week of June!
Fun looking picture. Congratulations and well deserved. A salute to all the contestants.
Congrats Phil921, great pic!