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📷 JOTM ParadigmDawg 🏆 June 2024 Jeep 392 of the Month Winner

Jeep of the Month

This month, it was an all-out war between seven awesome Jeep 392s for the Jeep of the Month crown. With a total of 31 votes and some mean photo ops, @ParadigmDawg's mud-slinging monster claimed victory by snagging 45% of the votes. Congrats! 🏆

Don’t miss out on the other impressive Jeep 392s entered in this contest. You can view them all here:

A big thanks to everyone who participated, either by entering a photo or by voting.

Stay tuned, the next contest will be kicking off the first week of July!
Thanks. This was one photo op that I didn't plan. It is a known mud pit that eats Jeeps and there is a bypass around it that I always take. This time it looked a lot better than normal so I sent it. Luckily my winch got me out.
Congrats! Love the photo. I'm definitely going to aim for muddier photos in the coming months. Those seem to garner the most votes :cool:
Congratulations. Thank you to all participants for making it exciting.
Congrats ParadigmDawg! Been there, done that, what a mess.
Congrats! Looks like it was a difficult challenge for sure 👍