Out-Of-Synch Jeep Accessory Manufacturers


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Mar 27, 2021
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I’ve been trying to accessorize my new 392 but have run into problems with some of the Jeep Accessory Manufacturers.

Example 1: XG Cargo makes a really cool triangle-shaped storage bag that attaches to the rear-most roll bar. Unfortunately they only sell these in pairs ($189.99) and I already installed a fire extinguisher on one of the roll bars. I called Quadratec and their response was “not our fault, it’s the way XG Cargo sells them to us.”

Example 2: I wanted to buy a plastic storage bin that installs on the left side wall just behind the seat. Again, ROVE only sells them in pairs which means the right side won’t fit because, as you know, 392s come with a subwoofer.

Now Fishbone Offroad has their stuff together. They understand your Jeep may be configured differently, so they sell a left side storage bin for those of us with subwoofers on the right side. They must have a few Jeep enthiusiasts on their staff.