Ordered 392 XR 8/13/21 and still able to color change.


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Aug 11, 2021
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2021 Sarge 392xr
So long story short. Ordered 8/13, checked a week later with dealer and he said color could not be changed as jeep was already on assembly line. Jeep chat said waiting for parts.
Oct 13 had dealer check. Said jeep was built. Jeep chat still said waiting on parts. Talked to customer service and they called dealer to see why he told me jeep was built as they showed still waiting for parts. Got escalated. Dealer talk to someone higher up in Jeep. I told them not to make any changes if it was going to put mine at the back of the line. They submitted change to Sarge and add gorilla glass and changes were accepted.

I hope this doesn't push mine back (but nothing was happening with it anyway). After seeing those sarge pictures I preferred them to black. Black would have been better if rims were brighter and glossier, but like the matte rims on the XR better with Sarge.

Anyways, still no Jeep and I hope this does not further delay things. Communication with dealer and Jeep has not been good and dealer states they are frustrated with Jeep as they can't get a straight answer either. BTW, Got VIN and VON within a week of initial order.

Will keep yall posted if anyone is interested.
That sucks man. Maybe you will get lucky and there will be an unallocated Sarge with your specs rolling down the line that now becomes yours. I mean with the way the building system seems to be random, there is a possibility it works in your favor. *fingers crossed*