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Sep 15, 2023
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Where is the orange Mopar tall jack base stored on the 392?
Is there really a spot for that? I just have mine jammed in the hole with the jack, I think.
Funny you mention the orange jack base. I found a empty Mopar box on my workbench and could not remember what it was from, part number 68523873AA and I looked it up and just about went into shock! When I had purchased the AEV lift kit for my other jeep it also came with a " Jack Extension Block" which was a substantial piece that you would feel safe using.
Here is the info on the Mopar Block, mind you it isn't very much material to offer stability and you can see the size of it compared to the tool kit

Here is a picture of the one that comes with the AEV lift, it is far more stable but presents a storage issue compared to the bar of soap from Mopar. It also functions as a wheel chock

@redrubi ... appreciate your post! The AEV looks good.

Oh man! I opened the E Bay link you provided & my morning coffee blew out my nostrils! Now I'm in pain. I had no idea but I too am in shock! :oops::eek::LOL:

What in the Wild, Wild West could justify the Mopar price? I feel violated o_O MSRP shows as $167 at Mopar parts sites online and this guy is asking $130...If anyone wants the OEM Extention Block , New in original box I'll beat those prices...uhhh...$99.99 :ROFLMAO: I'm only kidding...I'm going to use it as a soap dish by my garage sink.

Seriously though, I need to order the AEV block.

I looked up the AEV JL blocks and am trying to figure out why the JL is $17 more than the JK's you posted. Really just curiosity...both look substantial. Can't see where there is a critical difference between the JL and JK units. Appears dimensions are the same. Changes are price, color, shape (for storage?), and the pockets for storing small items look different. Anyone know?





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