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Mar 9, 2022
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Cincinnati, OH
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Anyone know of a dealership near these areas who are below msrp or at msrp? Looking to trade my Audi Q7 for a dream jeep (392) and want to know where to get the most for my trade in? I am in the Cincinnati Area.
Search for Dan Cummins. They are at 3% below invoice for orders.
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You may want to, also, try Cross Jeep in Louisville. Not sure if they have any 392's in stock, but they do specialize in custom builds (AEV). None of the dealerships in the area I live in have even seen a 392 in the wild. I took mine up to John Jones in Corydon, IN and had the entire sales staff out looking at it.
+1 For Cross. Purchased 4 Wranglers now from them and traded in my latest for an AEV 392, for which they facilitated the build. They also price protected me even though MSRP was raised twice since ordering.
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