No more Snazzberry

Ok… the saga continues… my dealership informed me today that Snazzberry can no longer be ordered on the 392…. I told them to give me some time to decide… I really don’t want to make a decision until I can confirm that Jeep isn’t going to add anything new in the next few months…

I have to believe they will be adding a new color now that Tuscadero and Snazzberry have been removed.
I started a thread here a coupe weeks ago about colors too- and the indecision is the ONLY reason I have yet to order. So I finally think I'm set to order a color I can live with (Sting Gray) and I hear today that the cost is now 3K higher. Man, talk about a kick in the balls. So now at least 2 colors have gone away (Pink & Snazz) with zero hard confirmation of new ones...but here's a 3K increase. Well played Jeep... :ROFLMAO: Now I'm really in no rush and might just let the dust settle a bit to see what happens come Q2 or maybe even Q3.