New Skid Plate for Engine Oil Pan

The only mod was making a larger hole for the steel pan oil plug?
Yep, that was the only mod I made. I originally thought I would want to move it up closer to the oil pan, but there isn't much clearance to be had and the exhaust crossover is by far the lowest hanging part. I'm just happy to have it protected.
Just saw where motobilt is releasing a full system for the 392 next week. So another option to consider. No real info yet but I hope that since it’s just now designed and released it will be based around the steel oil pan. Only comparisons being the ones they already produce for the JT and other JLs if no 392 tax pricing is reasonable.
Well looks like it’s available now!
They dropped a new micro rear bumper and lower corner armor as well. It’s on the new products page.
Just saw that thanks. Bell pan looks nice need to see how the weight compares to the other steel options. I believe it’s about 100lbs heavier than aluminum options. Also says it goes over the fuel tank skid
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It also has two mounting positions higher for the stamped steel oil pan

This is pretty tempting. I like what I saw with the intall instructions. With the sale about the same price as all of the other steel options and about the same weight or lighter than others. They said it would ship in about 1 week

I’m sure I just removed 100 pounds of plastic and hardware with the fender chop 🤣

I’m going to put together a spreadsheet tomorrow