New Recall or RRR as they call it


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Jun 19, 2021
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Went in to have the starter ground recall done and the service advisor said there is an RRR out which I cant even remember what he said it meant. Something to do with the mount at the top of the shocks. The tech looked at mine and said they were bad and needed replacement but not going to harm the vehicle or me and I probably won't even tell the difference but the good news was the replacement was a better shock or some BS. I dont believe half the stuff I hear as some of the techs dont even know what a 392 is.

Just an Fyi for the anal worriers so you have something to do this week in your free time. Get your shocks inspected before you get the covid death wobble and the steering is all over the road because of the TSB from October 2020 that applies to 18-19 JL's :)