New mountain 392 owner


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Dec 20, 2021
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2021 JLUR 392
My almost new Hydro blue 392 was delivered last week. I live in the mountains of Colorado. Long time Jeep Wrangler owner. TJ AND JK. Now a JL.

looking forward to having this rig for a while. Not going to mod it much at all. My JKUR was modded a lot by me. Only item I am doing is some sort of fender liner since mine are already damaged by wind/heat at under 2k miles.

Also so far getting about 18 mpg. Which is the same as my JKUR. So I am thinking that my young 392 self identifies as a 4xe. I think I will have to register and insure it as that to support its growth as an individual. ;)
That makes 2 Hydro blue 392's in the mountains of Colorado. What county of Colorado are located in? Might see you on the road.
I am in the west or still rural side of Grand County. Where there is nothing and nobody. :)