New member - Located in Denver Metro - picked up Hydro Blue 392 in late August


Apr 11, 2021
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I already have 2600 miles and look for any excuse to jump in and just drive this amazing vehicle. Running 37" KO2s with TeraFlex Alpha HD Hinge Gate and Tire Carrier along with a Warn 10s winch using a Maximus 3 winch plate. This weekend, I installed HF/VHF/UHF Yaesu radios running coax, power, remote head cables, antennas and antenna mounts, etc. I have the RSE Gen 3 sliders and just need a free weekend to install. Also ordered MetalCloak skids but have not received yet. Looking to add 1350 driveline, 4.56 gears, and RCV axles front and rear in the next two months. For a 3.5" lift, I am leaning towards MetalCloak or JKS (Diesel lift), but waiting to see what others come out with b4 pulling the trigger on a lift.

I have a bunch of other minor mods like the redline hood struts, bullet point dash mount system, PowerTank for air, JCB center console metal molle panels, and most importantly, an Uniden R7 Radar Detector LOL.

I ordered in April adding the Sky One Touch, front camera, and trailer tow for the Aux Switch package. Coming from a JKUR with dual tops, I absolutely love the Sky One. Much less hassle than going back and forth between two different tops.
Welcome! And congrats on the new ride! Post some pics when she's all dressed up!