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New 392 FE 170 Miles and a Rear Main Seal Oil Leak


Apr 7, 2024
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Killeen, Texas
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2013 GT500, 2021 Corvette C8, 2022 RAM TRX, 2024 Rubicon 392 FE, 2006 HD Road King Classic, 2016 Honda Fit
Welp, took delivery of a 2024 Tuscadero 392 FE last week after waiting 11 weeks. At 170 miles on the odometer, I saw what I believed was a leaking engine rear main oil seal. Took it to the dealer and they confirmed it. LOL, but not funny, had the same issue on a 2017 Raptor after 3000 miles and a Chevrolet Sonic at 10000 miles. I guess these are the issues that cannot be discovered at the factory, only after driving for a bit. Oh well, hopefully it is replaced without any Dealer Collateral Damage. Even though I have Jeep Wave on it and RAM Care on my TRX, I still do all my own oil changes at my expense so that I don't have to worry about sloppy work and carelessness being done. In this case, they can drop the transmission...I guess new vehicles have problems like old vehicles, but the real issue is taking it to someone at a Dealership is where the stress kicks in.