New 3-row Wrangler with V8 and Longer Body May Be Coming?

Here‘s a teaser of a V8 Wrangler that may be produced soon? 3 rows, foot longer, seats 7, high safari roof in back

It looks beautiful!
Jeep always showcases really cool stuff at SEMA. Unfortunately the majority never make it to market. I’d love to see the safari roof. There’s one out there for the JK but they never did it for the JL.
Kinda reminds me of the Defender 110. For me the loss of the sky one-touch power top is not worth trading for a 3rd row. I will trade a 1952 Mickey Mantle for my sky one-touch though. One of my favorite safari roof jeeps is Drew Simms a youtube dude with amazing videos. I bought a really cool t-shirt with his jeep logo to help support his work. He did a video on Three Fingers fire lookout which was epic, here is his channel: Drew Simms on YouTube
Oh please be gossip!
Does someone make a safari top for a JL? Seems like some aftermarket options for a JK. I'd be interested in a Safari top and surprised Jeep doesn't offer as an option.