Need some help with header trim panel pics


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Jul 20, 2021
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So I'm trying to figure out the details of how to convert my Sky One Touch (SOT) power top to a regular sunrider twill soft top for the summer. I really like the idea of rolling with the soft top and half doors from Memorial Day through Labor Day 😎 then going back to the Sky One Touch and regular doors for winter 🥶. Think of it as the Dual-Top group if the Sky One Touch Top was an option. In order to get this to work I have to add the soft-top latch brackets into the header frame, the holes exist and I have ordered the hardware.

I have most of the technical details sorted out but I need to figure out which header trim panel I need to buy, this is where I need help. I'll need to cutout and add the SOT switch in order to make it all work. So on my SOT header trim panel there is a small bump-out under the SOT switch. I'm curious if that bump-out exists on a non-SOT header panel. So if anyone with the 3-piece hardtop or sunrider soft-top could post a photo of that area, that would help out a lot in narrowing down the correct Mopar part number.
Thanks! :)👍
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 11.26.30 PM.png
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gonna void warranty if they know you took it off, just an fyi

@Turboencabulator is this what I need for this conversion? Anything else I would need?
Yeah that's it. In fact that one has the little tabs to connect to the forward radar plastic panel, so that's better than the 2018 one I got without those tabs.

You'll also need the latch brackets for the soft top to anchor onto. I think they are Part # 68290476AA 68290477AA along with the 4 bolts but don't quote me on that number.
Here is a listing:
Then you need to decide if you want to cut out and add the SOT switch to the non-SOT header trim you listed from eBay or keep it in the original header trim and just swap them when you change roofs. I cut the hole out but the SOT button doesn't sit flush, it's kinda close, but not perfect.
Here is a good thread for more info.

I will eventually get around to posting a detailed thread.......but it's not going to be till next spring. I wanted to do it this year while I had the soft top on but I just started a new teaching job and things have gotten kinda busy preparing for fall semester so I went ahead and put the SOT top back on for winter early.
I'm looking forward to following your journey on this after reading through what you linked. Very interesting. And it's fascinating to me how many options one has to configure these vehicles (note that this is my first Wrangler).