MyTop Automatic top


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Jan 2, 2021
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Has anyone tried this top?


I have thought about it, but honestly the soft tops have come a long way(since my 98) and are so easy to put on and off. That I decided to pass. Sorry my comment wasn’t a big help
Really nice! I didn't know this was available for our Jeeps.
Digging up this old thread.

Since you cannot order the dual top group AND half doors, I opted to go with the doors, since a soft top is easy to source.

I stumbled on a local FaceBook Marketplace posting where some shop was building several custom Jeeps and installing this MyTop power softtop, which got me thinking that maybe that is an option.

I'm wondering if it's as quiet as a factory top, and how does the edge at the rear door opening actually work?

Anyone recently have experience with this MyTop?
That top system looks terrible....
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I've thought about it. I have a SOT so I sent them an email to ask about it. They said some shops won't do it for a factory SOT, but some will. Of course, I'd have to get the correct windshield header on there first.

I worry about the front and rear seals on it honestly. I'd want to see one first before I went all in on it.
I have a brand new black one, the fastback version, for a 4 dr JL if anyone is interested. I have seen it operate in person it is pretty impressive.

located in SOFL Fort Lauderdale