Make your 392 2WD?

Hi Friends - Just came across this on the tube: How to make your 392 2WD

No affiliation; waiting for my 392, blah blah… Would you do this?
Plenty of us on this forum have the updated JL Tazer and I know quite a few have done this and some like to keep it in 2wd. I’ve done it several times but really just to show off. In my opinion it feels more planted in 4wd. Any hard launches in 2wd and you are smoking the tires. Let’s not even talk about when it’s wet.
I don't think it offers a whole lot in the way of advantages. The 392 does not have a front axle disconnect (FAD), so front shaft will be spinning in 2wd anyway. Now if you had FAD, it could be worthwhile. Would eliminate pinion angle concerns with higher lifts if you could stop front shaft from spinning altogether.

As it stands, the 4WD works wonderfully and wet traction is insane. I have done some pretty hard launches that would've left my JK spinning its wet tires (traction control off) or the traction light coming on and it hobbling up to speed. The 392 just hooks up and goes. It is incredibly impressive.
I will only be using 2wd for cutting up :)