LT Load range tire review

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Sep 20, 2021
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Along with my 392 on order I have a 2006 Unlimited (two door) Rubicon and have been active on a TJ forum for a few years since getting my first Jeep. There, many people recommend going with Load Range C and staying away from a Load Range E tire due to the excessive sidewall stiffness of the E tire and the relatively light weight of the TJ. When looking for 35 inch tires for my LJR I really wanted the Nitto Ridge Grappler in 315/70/17 but in the end went with KO2's due to the C rating in the KO2 and E load rating in the Ridge Grappler. I am searching for larger tires to install once my 392 order comes in. The 392 jeep will weigh about 1000 lbs more than my LJR but still very well suited for load range C tires, Jeep is shipping regular or XR 392 with Load Range C tires for a reason. Anybody have some feedback on running these much stiffer Load Range E tires on the JL? I want, again, to go with Ridge Grapplers in the same size but still have this idea in my head that Load Range E is too stiff for a Jeep. Feedback appreciated.
I had Load Range E's on my gladiator but they were on 40's so they rolled on the beach pretty good. But I have 37 C's and it will idle across the beach with C's at 25lbs. if its really soft. I'm interested in the replys you get on the E's myself. In a average truck you have to be at 18 to get on the beach were I live when its tore up. Live in the OBX and we have some super soft sand.
I went in and looked at KO2 vs Ridge Grappler in 35 side by side and the difference is quite drastic. The Nitto is much more aggressive. Still cant decide though, if I go with KO2 it will only be because of the load range. I drive on beach here in my manual LJR and the sand is soft and even makes the 1-2 shift hard as you slow down so fast as soon as you push the clutch pedal in. I dont want harsh riding tires for the street and I want to be able to get the benefits of airing down off-road.