Live in SC and purchased in VA


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Jan 2, 2022
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Fort Mill, SC
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I recently purchased my Jeep from Koons and drove it back to SC. I was told that they would handle all the paperwork, and I wouldn’t have to make a trip to the DMV. They gave me temp VA tags and told me my permanent tags would be mailed out when the paperwork is complete.

Now I’m being told that I need to get a VIN inspection report, which I don’t ever recall doing with my wife’s Rubicon that we purchased in 21 from the same dealer.

So my question is: Do I need to go to the SC DMV to fill out any paperwork like registering it. I was told I didn’t have to, but now I feel I should really look into this before the 45 days pass me by and I’m out of compliance.

For those of you who live in SC can you guide me on what I need to do.

DMV in SC is a major PITA.
We bought a house in Charleston, took 1 car there to register it, had to get paperwork motorized, just to register the the car. The DMV said it was because SC wasn’t our primary residence.
There was so much back and fourth with them, I hope to not ever have todo it again. I’ll buy in the state next time.
By far the most antiquated system I’ve dealt with across living in 6 different states in my lifetime.

Best advice, go to the DMV and take every vehicle document you have, along with a bank statement and a couple utilities to prove your residence. They’ll tell you exactly what you need. And forget a few things as well. 😜
Wish I could be more help.
Indiana is fundamentally the same. You register a vehicle from out-of-state (either purchased or otherwise) and you are required to get a VIN inspection done. Typically, it only involves the DMV (in Indiana it is the BMV) examiner to come out to the vehicle and match the VIN to the paperwork. The only other time it was different was when I brought my Factory 5 Roadster over from Missouri - the BMV required a different type of VIN inspection. That inspection entailed having the local county sheriff's office inspect the car (and VIN) at the house. Took all of 2 minutes.
Update: I found out that I had to go down and pay the SC Property Tax Bill linked to the car ($1900 later…that’s another thread topic 🤯). Now the dealership is responsible for handling the DMV part of the process and I should receive my new tags in the mail. I honestly would mind doing this all myself, bc at least I’d know it was done correctly. When purchasing an out of state vehicle, sometimes the dealerships leave you hanging.

Just a bit of info for those of you who live in a similar state with this setup.