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Jan 9, 2022
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I'm looking to put the MetalCloak GameChanger 3.5" (6pak shocks) and new tires on my Rubicon 392 and have a few questions:

#1 For tires I know I'm going with the KM3's and planned on running the 37's, but now I'm considering the 39's. What pro/con advice would you have for the 39's?

#2 The MetalCloak GC 3.5" offers the option for a new front driveshaft from them. Would you go with that option from them or select a different vendor for the driveshaft?

Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated as well, thanks!


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Assuming nothing about what you’re doing with your rig (rock crawling, mud, over landing, high speed/pre running, street queen, etc)
1. 39’s will most likely prompt you to regear, regardless, unless you don’t mind power/torque loss to the wheel. For 37’s, you can get away with 4:10. If you’re getting off road, into hills and mountains, 4:56. For 39’s, 4:56 minimum. You may even want to jump to 5:13, depending your intended use.
2. The 392 is 2.5” higher than stock. A 3.5” from anyone will net you 1”, unless you’re going with a specific 392 lift. I recall metal cloak is one of few who offer this. In that case, you’re getting 3.5”. But off road, you’ll rub 39’s.
3. You can go to 3.5” before needing to swap the front drive shaft. Once you hit 4”, it’s ideal to swap that front shaft.

I’m indifferent to what people want on their rigs. But once you start hitting 37’s, the clearance and gearing will be dependent on your use. Unless it will be a mall crawler/street queen, then there’s not as much of a concern.

Guiding anyone on lift & tire advice, is dependent on these factors.

Just know, once you go past 35’s, you are looking at a good bump in price for every tire size above that. About $100 more per tire, just to go to 37’s. Add in the lift, now that extra 2” of tire, is getting another $2k out of you. Go to 39’s, you’re getting closer to $5k more.

Some people don’t care about the price. Others, pause and rethink their intended use and adjust accordingly.