Jeep Factory Status Codes


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Oct 8, 2020
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Here's a good breakdown of the Status Codes to follow your new Jeep build at the factory. Thanks to @392Stinger for originally sharing this information.

Check out the discussion here::

BX = good order available for scheduling
BB = fleet order only ñ review by bid department
BD = special equipment processing
BE = edit error - coding error which must be corrected before order can be scheduled
BG = order has passes edit but cannot be scheduled regardless of sold status

Reason Codes:
F = finance hold - automatic cancellation after 15 days
B = model or option build out
L = material restriction
M = material hold (fleet)
ZA = canceled order

C = tentative schedule
D = firm schedule: serial number assigned
D1 = gateline: unit sequenced for production, est ship date assigned

E = framing
F = paint
G = trim

I = unit built, pending final inspection
J = vehicle passed final inspection but not released to carrier
JB = shipped to body vendor
JE = shipped to emissions
JJ = consigned to body vendor
JS = shipped to storage
KZ = released by plant and invoiced

Traffic Codes:
KZ L = released but not shipped
KZ M = first rail departure
KZ N = first rail arrival
KZ O = delayed/received
KZ OA = plant hold, quality audit
KZ OB = zone, dealer, sales, vehicle prep, tax, diversion or derailment hold, dealer refusal, vehicle diverted
KZ OC = carrier delay, strike-bound, emission or safety hold, rail car shortage, bad or insufficient load, inclement weather, need shipping order, manifest error
KZ OD = mechanical failure, glass damage, vehicle in repair, lacking parts or storage hold
KZ OE = misdropped or misshipped vehicle
KZ OF = shipped air freight, stolen vehicle recovered, show vehicle, test info code, vessel sailed
KZ OG = damaged vehicle, stolen vehicle, abandon to carrier, vehicle scrapped, donate vehicle, repair and auction
KZ OH = all other type carrier codes
kZ R = vehicle within a few days of dealer
KZ T = second rail departure
KZ U = second rail arrival
KZ X = delivered to dealer
KZ Y1 = major damage ñ must not be sold as new
KZ Y2 = major damage ñ vehicle sold at auction