It’s about time!


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Dec 5, 2020
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I’m Bret, going to turn 54 in a few days, I’ve been driving wranglers since 1980, CJ’s, TJ’s, JK’s, JKU’s and, most recently a JLU. The last 4 have been rubicons. I live in Shawnee, KS but spend a good amount of time in Colorado and Arizona. My wife and I (and our dog, Bodean) spend about 25k miles/year in my jeep seeing the country. She drives a 2 door JK. She travels outside the US too but I don’t like leaving Bodean at home...or my jeep. She‘s a food influencer and I help when she needs it. I mostly just play disc golf...daily!
My 392 Rubicon is ordered. I went with Sting Gray, again. I would have tried one of those tan colors they offered on the Gladiator last year but we were pretty limited.
I’ve told every jeep dealership In town that I’d buy the first Wrangler they make with a HEMI. It worked, I got one!
Now we wait... Good luck!