How much interest in 392 Supercharger?


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Aug 11, 2021
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Something like this would be wicked. Do drop in pistons and rods and this should be a reliable 600hp machine. Far as I can tell no one offers or is even working on a supercharger for our vehicles. Not sure if I would buy one if they did. The 392 is righteous just the way it is, but after driving it for 5 months, if they had a Hellcat version, I would be on it in a heartbeat. For me, the 392 handles the power safely and I wouldn't mind having more power in a straight line......just saying.

For some reason, I keep watching videos of supercharged chargers and challengers and hellcats and demons and trackhawks. I would like to have that kind of power in a Wrangler.....

But when I passed a slow poke that was going 30 in a 55 and a car started coming over the next hill as I was starting to pull around him, I didn't even get nervous. The 392 passes like an absolute BOSS at lower speeds.

Funny story actually, got behind this Nissan frontier going 30 in a 55. I blew his doors off and went to pick my daughter up a few miles up the road. She was pretty quick and hopped right in. When I pulled back out onto the road the same Frontier was just arriving and I got in behind him and blew his doors off AGAIN. 🤯 He probably wondered what the hell was going on!?

All I'm saying is y'all THINK about the supercharger.....thoughts become things you know.....
I’m all for it! But I do recall an article with a tech talking about the ring location on the 6.4 pistons and very low tolerances to meet emissions, so max PSI is only in the 4-6lbs range without getting performance pistons and all that jazz… So yeah, I’ve looked into it too! 🤣

I’m really intrigued with the idea of Hellion’s “sleeper” turbos that go underneath. In the Challenger and Charger they can safely get 600 rwhp!
I supercharged my jk manual…super fun to drive, I love the feel of the supercharger…I’ve been looking also, I don’t need much more power, just the whine and straight up acceleration does it for me
392 does not boost well as the internals are not forged and to Yukon’s point the piston rings are too high up to handle boost. Many articles / YouTube videos about it. I wouldn’t risk it personally. Last thing I’d want to do is blow my hemi. If you really want a supercharger go with a hellcat swap at AMW.

The 392 is a great engine. Good displacement, good cam, very free flowing heads on the Apache motor. Downfall is the pistons, they are like glass with anything over 8lbs. Putting some forged drop ins from the get go will go a long way to future proof forced induction later. And my vote is go turbo vs supercharger. Small engine compartment means lots of heat, not good for power. Roots style blowers would heat soak bad on these, plus I’m pretty sure that hood would have to be modified. Pro charger wouldn’t be too bad, but still cramped in there. You can midmount turbos on the sides of the transmission, keeps them safe from damage on the rocks too. Plus they are only spinning up at higher rpm’s, thus saving wear and tear. You can get some decent power with them too. I have a bit of history with this power plant, my mistress below, she’s running a forged 392

From everything I've red, the drop in pistons and rods are almost a must if you go boosted. That is a pain to have to do that, but is a 1 time deal. Had not thought about mid mount turbos, will have to see what aftermarket does. I hope someone will come up with something. Would be fun to watch if nothing else.
"Small engine compartment means lots of heat, not good for power. Roots style blowers would heat soak bad on these, plus I’m pretty sure that hood would have to be modified. "
I swear if that 392 Wrangler engine generated anymore heat the front fenders would just melt right off.
On top of the piston issue, hypetectic and high ring position, there are the heat issues of cooling this engine runs hotter already and adding power boosters will bring more heat, where would you even stuff the innercooler(s)? Can the trans even handle it? I did a magnacharger back in the day on a GMC Denali with the 6.0L the motor was fine, it did get warmer but still never overheated even towing…but the trans did not like it on hard all-wheel drive launches…3rd gear strated slipping…course it also had an LS6 cam and smaller pulley if I am fully honest! If I’d kept the boost in the 6-7psi range I am sure it would have lasted longer!

Anywho…you blow the motor and warranty won’t help, same with the trans, probablly a swap from a hellcat is safer with a built trans and more cooling. I have modded nearly every car I own, but this one…I think I will only do intake, Borla exhaust and tune and call it good! I have had good luck with smaller shots of N20…50-100 shot :) but the blower whine is so cool!
Yes it can be done, BUT the juice is not worth the squeeze. Everyone who has responded is 100% accurate.

My recommendation is get a throttle booster like Pedal Monster, swap the exhaust (Borla), and a tune. That should be more than enough to give it some extra pep in her step.

I’ve also wondered how a SC would work with the hydro guide in place
I supercharged my jk manual…super fun to drive, I love the feel of the supercharger…I’ve been looking also, I don’t need much more power, just the whine and straight up acceleration does it for me
I had a Ripp supercharger on a 18 non etorque JL Rubicon auto and it was a easy install and made a world of difference before it was even tuned on a wheel dyno. I have talked to Procharger and their mail concern is running that engine with 7psi of boost, like mentioned before it has to do with the piston and rings. Check out the guys on Youtube that have actually done a aftermarket supercharger install and the ones that were real serious about their engines did a piston, rings, and connecting rod replacement.a lot of work but if you have the time and money it is worth it according to them. Another good source for info is Livornois motorsports, the already offer a tune including a trans tune but the gain is a modest claimed to be over 30 hp and the reason I was told was because of the pistons and rings plus you can only get so much out of a naturally aspirated engine.
This Jeep was at the Jeep Invasion and everything was top quality no money spared build so he went with a built LS swap and his reason was because of what you can get out of them and there is a world of after market parts to pump up the LS



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I'll never modify a vehicle's key components again. Did that to a new car last year and got the warranty voided and also found it impossible to pass the emissions testing out here in Nevada.
I have zero interest.

Adding more power means you will have to upgrade the motor, drivetrain AND void the factory warranty. The 392 was engineered and validated for 470HP.
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My last V8 Wrangler was a 2008 JKU. I loved the increased power and with 470hp in the JLU, I'm good. I likely wouldn't consider a SC until far down the road if at all.
I love my 392 just the way it is. No way I'm messing with what I consider the perfect vehicle. Can haul a$$ on the street, wheel beyond my capabilities, and is factory warrantied for 125,000 miles.
Upgrading the 392 is pointless. One might as well just put a Hellcat or Hellephant engine instead and pray that the transmission or axles dont explode.
After driving for a few months now and 1,300 miles I would never SC this thing, I have done many other vehicles before and I can see with this one it would mess up a lot of dynamics and only add weight, more heat, and likely just break things!
My understanding from the challenger crowd is that the 6.4 has different pistons that the 6.2 motors and does not handle forced induction well. Like Tim Allen always says, everything can use more power but not sure I want to risk piston failure.
I agree that 392 is great just like it is. My favorite vehicle out of all I've ever driven. Only reason I was thinking about a supercharger (with drop in piston upgrade) was that could retain factory computer and if you went with a modest amount of boost say 5 or 6 psi, you could ease up into the 600hp range and maybe get away with not breaking anything. I have the 7y unlimited mile warranty and wouldn't do anything until that is over and done with so I'm not planning on doing anything anytime soon, just kicking the idea around. I like the hellcat swap idea too, but is quite expensive from rubitrux. The SC with pistons would be much cheaper, maybe not enough power to break the drivetrain and would retain factory computer, accessories, etc. All the factory gauges should still work. Of course, I don't know, the hellcat swaps may work with the stock trip computer and all that too. All this is moot though since they don't make a supercharger for the 392 rubicon yet.

I'm with yall. Not doing anything any time soon. But sure would like to live vicariously through others that are doing some cool stuff :)
Hellion has a great setup for Chargers and Challengers that's "stealth" and mounts to the underside exhaust. And they make varying boost kits, with a bottom end that is considered "safe" for stock cylinder heads and sleeves at just shy of 600hp.... but you can go all out and build yourself a 2000+ hp version. I'd think with some shop know-how, someone could fit it to the Jeep exhaust. But that leads to "why"? This thing as is can take most Mustangs and Camaros from light to light. Just don't turn that wheel!

(still, would be nice for bragging rights!)