Hi all, Can’t wait!


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Aug 2, 2021
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Dripping Springs, TX
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Hi everyone,

I placed my order on 28 July, and the wait is going to be difficult…ha! I had to buy it in St. Louis as all of the dealers that I checked in TX said they would only sell for over msrp. I live in Dripping Springs and have seen one in traffic, and that was all it took!
Welcome to the forum @TwistedPair - Congrats on the 392 order! What's the ETA for delivery?
Still no ETA but I did find out that its in trim (G, they told me they don’t use alphanumeric codes anymore though) status from Jeep chat, earlier today. So hopefully within a month or so.
Welcome and congrats! Share your build specs when you can.
Welcome and congrats! Share your build specs when you can.
Thanks! here’s what I ordered:

White (Hot in TX)
BSW Tires (should have picked OWL, hopefully I can just have them remounted that way)
Hinge-Gate Reinforcement
Sky One-Touch (Wife‘s ride and she wanted the easy one)
Gorilla Glass (why not for $95, i broke quite a few on my TJ)
Floor Mats (The MOPAR ones in my TRX are super nice)
Trail Rail (why not, looks like it might be worth it)
Trailer-Tow (I might tow my utility trailer with it)

I believe the Extreme Recon package came out the day after I ordered it, thought about changing but decided that’s not this Jeep’s mission. It’ll be my wife’s daily driver that I secretly mod until she catches on to me one day...haha!
I placed my order on 8/19 and I very well may lose my mind waiting! Current Raptor owner but this will be my 4th Wrangler and 7th Jeep overall. I feel like a 12 year old kid - so damn excited. Love the forum 👍