Help me. My wife wants Jeep. I want 392.


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Mar 17, 2022
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Pend Oreille County, WA
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Hello from the People's Republic of Washington!
My wife has always wanted a Jeep, but not a 392. She says that my TRX should satisfy all our high-speed, off-road desires. But I want the 6.4L Hemi for <well, you know the thing...>
How do I convince her; what can I say that will tip the scales in my favor?
If you find yourselves in North Pend Oreille County, WA, please wave at the white blur...
Current owner or not... you're here! That's all that matters!

And just convince her that it's "an investment." The HEMI is going away soon and you're just investing in a piece of history. Plus, with the average Wrangler selling at 25% OVER MSRP right now... if you can get one for sticker or less, there's no way you lose! See, it's all about making a smart financial investment!

Or at least that's how I sold myself! :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
Thanks, but I'm just a lurker at this point. If I fail in my mission, I will be waving at your 392 from my wife's Sahara. The horror.

Honestly have her drive both back to back. There is no real comparison.. and it isnt just the power
These will be very desirable for a long time I think. If you can get her to ride in/drive one that should help too. Hard not to grin........It completely transforms the jeep experience. Doesn't just feel like a Jeep with more power. It drives so effortlessly and is so responsive. Turns a sluggish shoebox into something that is genuinely fun to drive on the road.
My husband saw an article about the Tuscadaro Pink Jeep back in December. He sent it to me knowing I love pink, saying to himself that he was going to get a new jeep. I asked if he would drive a pink jeep and he said yes but he got to pick the engine which of course was the 392. Picked it up 2 weeks ago. I love the 392 and its growly noise. Drive with the performance exhaust on all the time!!!! The price is high, the gas mileage not so good but it is so fun to drive and no one expects the old lady in the pink jeep can beat them off the line at the stop light lol
I’m pretty sure your new wife will love the 392 😂
Okay- too funny! I would say that we are moving into adding threats on to lying and cheating, but I'm lucky to have her. Not so sure it goes both ways.