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Sep 17, 2023
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I have 2 Jeeps, 2016 75th anniversary edition which I just handed over to my 16 year old son. So I went and purchased a 2023 392 about 6 weeks ago. 1 week ago I went to turn into the garage and it wouldn’t accelerate and was jerky like it was in 4L. About that time the service light for 4 wheel drive came on. The next morning I drove it straight to the dealership. I was now told that the chip in the jeep was bad and the jeep is stuck in 4 wheel drive with no ETA on the chip. My bigger concern is the long term damage to the drive train…transfer case, differential, etc….

Anyone else had this issue? Am I right to be concerned for long term damage? I am in process of requesting a buyback given I was only in possession of the jeep for 6 weeks and I could have likely been driving in 4 wheel drive the entire time. By the way I high drive at high speeds upward of 85 mph.

Thanks for any advise!
The damage from being stuck in 4wd part time, would mostly be accelerated wear of the axle and drive line u-joints.

I don't think it's likely you were driving around stuck in 4hpt... you would have noticed while making tight turns on pavement, and it's likely the service 4wd message would have turned on then. Driving a few miles to the dealer with it in 4hpt would not make me worry at all.

There have been a few similar failures.. all related to the transfer case front clutch activation mechanism. (motor or sensor failure in the clutch mechanism). Some have had the whole transfer case replaced, but I think all it really needs is a new clutch actuator.

Maybe some folks that have had the issue will speak up.
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Welcome. Sorry to hear but get it fixed and drive it like you stole it!
Welcome to the forum @Eastokes - Sucks to hear about your problem right away. Let us know when they get you fixed up.
Brand new? This may sound overly simple, but check to see that all of the fuses are seated fully. Had the exact same thing happen just a few hours after getting it home: service 4WD light came on and it felt like it went into 4 Low. Based on so many posts on this forum, I checked all of the fuses. 75% of them weren’t fully “snapped” in. Seated them all, the lights and problem cleared and never returned.
Fingers crossed for you that it’s just loose fuses.
Sorry, should’ve fully read the post before replying, I’d assume techs did just that (but it wouldn’t hurt to check anyways… Toledo has a terrible track record with these fuses on the JL…. Like I said, tons of posts here on loose fuse related errors.

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